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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject <ejbjar> question about <weblogic>/<classpath>
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 10:23:58 GMT

I really cannot understand the current behavior of
<classpath> within <weblogic> when also defining
<wlclasspath>. Can someone please explain to me how it
is supposed to work?

It seems to be ignored, which would be a bug, but
maybe I am misunderstanding its use. This is the
behavior I am experiencing at the moment.

If the EJB has dependencies on things in the
<classpath> I get errors from EJBC about classes not
found. If I put them in <wlclasspath> they work
but I may get warnings about things in the CLASSPATH
that should not be there. If I put them in "srcdir"
then it works as expected but it puts this classes as
part of the EJBjar whch I do not want (they are
supposed to be picked up from the jar Class-Path.

When I look at the code, it seem to be ignoring
<classpath> if <wlclasspath> is specified.
I think it shouldn't and instead it should
use "-classpath" option of EJBC (not java.exe's).

So <wlclasspath> would be the classpath of the
spawnned JVM and <classpath> would be just pass as
an option to EJBC.


Jose Alberto

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