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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject <style> new processor specification
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 17:17:45 GMT

So, now that I solved my problem with using Saxon just
some times, I would like to propose adding to the
values of the "processor" attribute or simillar.

The reason is the following, the problem I have with
<style> is that for certain StyleSheets I need to use
the specific capabilities of a particular XSL
implementation. Hence, I need to be able to choose the
processor I want to use on a <style> by <style> basis.
Now all those processors are TRAX processors,
so really I should not need to write Liaisons for each
one. I just need to be able to force the TRAX Liaison
to pick a particular one.

I would like to be able to say:

       .... />

This can be implemented by temporarily setting the for TRAX:
javax.xml.parsers.TransformFactory before trying to
obtain the factory.

What do you think, this is the way my corrent
SaxonLiaison works, and it just delegated everything
to the already existing TraXLiaison.

BTW, <style> should set the ContextClassLoader when it
creates its own AntClassLoader. Otherwise, the code is
kind of useless.

Jose Alberto

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