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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: XDoclet status update
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2002 04:38:35 GMT
On Sun, 3 Mar 2002 13:27, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> I've enhanced the proposal/xdocs a bit to detect Ant tasks a lot better. It
> climbs the hierarchy looking for a parent class with an execute() method
> (except if it hits it quits and doesn't count
> that as a task).


> (it also generates the
> correct mapping to EmailTask, perhaps need an 'ignore' flag?)

+1 to ignore or more likely a "replace" tag.
+1 to allowing you to also add aditional mappings

> - Can a class with a method 'void execute() throws Exception' be a task?

Yep - it can be wrapped in an adaptor that will convert a raw exception to a 
build exception.

> - It seems that we have a few exceptions that will require an 'ant.task
> ignore="true"' kinda thing so that it gets skipped over for processing even
> though it could really be used as a task.  Thoughts?


> - There are several tasks that point to Expand, and right now there are
> additional 'name="..."' in the class, but the template is not coded such
> that it picks that up when building  This should be an
> easy thing to add.  But how would multiple names play out in the XML
> created for a task?  Should it create multiple XML files?  Or just note the
> multiple names as aliases in one XML file somehow?

+1 for aliases in one file

> - Categorization - should we restrict a task to a single category?  Or
> allow it to be in multiple?  Or do we need a few different "bucket" types
> to drop tasks into?  I've been thinking we should have a "vendor" bucket so
> that we could create groupings in documentation for all Weblogic tasks
> (wljspc, wlrun, wlstop) for example.  There are lots of ways we could go
> with this! So start the brainstorming, and let me know.

hmmm ... not sure. I could definetly see it being useful for multiple 
categorys and even category hierarchies ... 

Maybe something like the following would place the wljspc task into multiple 

@ant.category web weblogic jsp

We could even have "." as a hierarchy separators so that we could have 
hierarchial groups ala

@ant.category ant.runtime
@ant.category weblogic.jsp

Question - are these groupings likely to reflect ant2 groupings of takss into 
librarys? Looks like it.



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