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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ant/proposal/myrmidon/src/xdocs getinvolved.xml
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 01:38:28 GMT
donaldp     02/03/01 17:38:28

  Added:       proposal/myrmidon/src/xdocs getinvolved.xml
  Extract a separate top-level getinvolved.xml from todo.xml
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-ant/proposal/myrmidon/src/xdocs/getinvolved.xml
  Index: getinvolved.xml
  <author email="">Adam Murdoch</author>
  <title>Get Involved</title>
  <section name="Get Involved">
  <p>There are plenty of things you can do to help out with Myrmidon.  The Todo
  list below describes items which still need to be done.  Of course, since
  this is an open-source project, there's plenty of scope for experimentation,
  and you can pretty much make up your own items to work on.</p>
  <p>Some things that are worth reading if you do want to get involved:</p>
  <li>The <a href="">Ant 2</a> goals
and requirements.</li>
  <li>The <a href="">Ant 1.9
Action List</a>.</li>
  <li>The Jakarta Project's <a href="">Get
Involved</a> page.</li>
  <p>There is no Ant 2 or Myrmidon mailing list yet, so direct any questions
  or comments you have to the ant-dev mailing list.</p>

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