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From "Jeff Tulley" <>
Subject NetWare To-Do's (was Re: Ant 1.5 To-Do list)
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 18:14:25 GMT
Steve, Erik,

I am in the process of double and triple-checking all of my submissions
for backwards compatibility on Windows (I no longer have a working Linux
box unfortunately).   Specifically, I am re-inserting the changes into
the current CVS main code one at a time, making sure all of the changes
still work.

So far I have verified my PathTokenizer code - it worked completely,
against the existing test suite.  You might remember that I also upated to expand the test code.  I have reattached that test code
here because of some minor touch ups (some toLowerCase() commands that
should have been toLowerCase(Locale.US) instead).

PathTokenizer runs against the original and against this
new one.   I feel it is ready for prime-time and backwards compatible. 
Of course, for safety this could be run on Linux also, though I am not
currently capable of doing so.

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can you list what is not in there; and lets see what obstacles there
are to
adding the remaining stuff

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