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From <>
Subject Re: Speaking of deprecation...
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:29:57 GMT
On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Diane Holt wrote:

> --- Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> > Just curious, do you also do this for the perhaps most basic of build
> > tools of them all: javac?
> The whole JDK goes into source control.

And is this what we should recommend our developers to do ?

Reproducing a release is indeed very important - and we should
document what tools where used for each release ( I don't think
we do that in many projects ).

But for day-to-day developement - especially for those using
IDEs that have javac, ant, etc built in - that's not the best
choice ( and may not even be possible ).

I use xemacs, but I have many shortcuts and macros and ant in
the PATH.

Java is far more complex than ant - yet they kept almost
everything backward compatible. It may be painfull for developers,
but every time some changes sliped in, the pain for users
was quite significant. ( like changes, or any of the
things Sam got with gump and jdk1.4 ). The argument that we
should make our life easier by removing old stuff and
forcing users to upgrade is very wrong.


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