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From <>
Subject TaskAdapter/TaskFactory/RuntimeConfigurable
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:19:58 GMT
A quick update:

I started to check what is needed to allow 'custom' TaskAdapters to
be plugged in ( as requested by Peter/Jose Alberto ). The problem
is that TaskAdapter is hardcoded in ProjectHelper and few other
places, and provide little flexibility in how the configuration
takes place.

That, combined with the discussion on ClassLoaders, combined
with my work on 'improved pluggability of ant', combined with
'sax2 and pluggable xml processor' can be resolved by 
abstracting the Task creation and configuration.

Of course, everything will remain 100% backward compatibile,
both at behavior and API level - all that's needed is a new 
'hook' that will allow tasks/adapters to be constructed by 
 user-level code and a better API that will replace the 
hardcoded xml processor behavior and improve the configuration.

I'm very excited about this change, it'll solve _tons_ of 
problems ( I suspect 1/2 of the requirements for 2.0 will
be implementable as simple ant1.5 plugins ). 

I'm still working on this, I hope to check the first 
version this week - I'm using proposals/sandbox/embed/, 
but I can create a self-building engine in proposals/embededAnt.
( sort of a 'proposal/revolution' for ant1.5 :-)

I would also add a new package - ant.plugins and put
the ProjectHelperImpl, the default TaskHelperImpl, 
and in future other helpers that would be 'accepted'.
In particular I hope to have a SAX2/namespace aware
project helper included in 1.6+ ( I'm working on
refactoring ProjectHelper, but it's unlikely to
be ready soon )


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