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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Speaking of deprecation...
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 12:45:41 GMT
Stefane Bailliez wrote:
> There are some nasty bugs fixed between JDK versions, I want all to benefit
> immediately

And there aren't some nasty bugs fixed between Ant versions?  For that
matter, aren't some nasty versions fixed between OS versions (for whatever
OS you happen to be running?)

For everybody, there are some tools which are merely installed.  Where this
line is drawn varies.  For many outside of the immediate Ant dev community,
Ant is on the other side of this line.

> Gump runs using  'HEAD' being on the thirdparties and projects. If I want to
> build using a particular build label and that's it.

I hadn't mentioned Gump.  I mearly use Gump for daily development and to
warn others of impending changes.  When I build official releases, I depend
solely on released versions of everything (generally the latest ones).

Again, FWIW, I support the removal of deprecated features for which active
users can't be identified.  And these discussions typically go round in
circles without making forward progress unless there is a focus on specific
items to be removed.  Blanket statements that nothing can ever be removed
are provably equivalent to saying that bugs can't be fixed and features
can't be added.  And wanton removal of features without regard to impact on
the community which depends on Ant would be downright silly.

Concrete examples:

   IMHO, it is time to move beyond the XSLTLiaison notion.  This bloats the
   code, makes things more difficult to maintain, and tools like Xalan1
   which did not support the API are long since removed from maintanance,
   the web site, cvs etc.

   On the other hand, removal of the jarfile attribute would just plain be
   silly.  Pretty much everybody I know of ignores those deprecation
   warnings, which sets a bad precident as once you get into the habit of
   ignoring some warnings you miss the really important ones.  Finally, the
   code that supports the attribute is pretty much self contained.

- Sam Ruby

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