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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Speaking of deprecation...
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 11:27:26 GMT
Diane Holt wrote:
>> I typically have at least 8 projects checked out at a time,
>> including 3 versions of tomcat, and I already have 2 versions
>> of ant installed.
> A-ha -- here's the essential difference between the way you do things vs.
> the way I do them. I never have build tools installed anywhere (as in,
> permanently resident on some machine somewhere) -- all my tools are source
> controlled. When someone pulls the source into a work area, the tools come
> right along with it, as do the buildfiles and anything else needed to run
> the build. If they're pulling head revisions, they get latest&greatest --
> if they're pulling from a label, they get the tools and buildfiles at the
> versions they were at when that label got created (ie., when that
> build/release was done), because they got labelled right along with
> everything else. Any tools/files that make up the build process are (to me
> anyway) just as much a part of the source as the source-code files are.
> Any buildfile I have that was written for Ant1.2 will have an Ant1.2 to
> run against, because that's what'll get pulled into the tree. Just having
> who-knows-what installations of the tools around on who-knows-which
> machines would be, to me, a guaranteed road to chaos and, frankly, gives
> me the willies just thinking about it :)

Just curious, do you also do this for the perhaps most basic of build tools
of them all: javac?

Or are you like most of us and when you install a new patch level of the
JDK you pretty much do it globally across all the projects that you deal

I find the line is different for everyone, but over the past few years I
have noticed a trend whereby most people outside the immediate ant-dev
community are treating ant as more javac like.

- Sam Ruby

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