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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Promotion of FilterReaders proposal to main development tree.
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:43:05 GMT
> From: "Jon Skeet" <>
> > You could read the whole file into a String, 
> > then convert that to bytes with the ISO_8859_1 
> > encoding needed by Properties, 
> Hmm...  doesn't the encoding limitation
> make a good use case for the custom properties
> parsing in <loadproperties>?  I can make 
> <loadproperties> support encoding and thereby 
> load properties encoded in other formats as well..

Hmm... possibly, but then they're no longer "Properties" files as the rest of the Java world
knows them.
For instance, looking at LoadProperties briefly (and it was a very brief look, so I may be
wrong), the line:

common.try_again       :R\u00e9essayez

which appears in one of our resource files here would be incompatible in at least two ways
(: instead of = and the use of \uxxxx). These could be fixed, of course, but at that stage
I think it would have been worth either not calling these properties files (and allowing a
specified encoding - at the moment you're just using the platform default) or using Properties.


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