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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject "Fake" libraries to compile against
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:23:51 GMT
As promised a few days ago, I've written a small program to create fake
libraries based on the real ones - hopefully this way (if we can get
permission) we can let anyone who wants to pull the whole of the Ant
sources into their IDE and compile the lot.

So far I've managed to fake (with no more work after getting the first
four going, which put up challenges I hadn't thought of):


I stress that these are for compilation purposes only - the compiled
binaries that use these probably won't be of much use. (Other classes
should be fine though.)

Any other libraries it would be good to fake? I wasn't sure about the
legal standing of faking JavaMail and the like, on grounds of adding
javax packages. Some of the above are *relatively* pointless in faking -
the apache projects, tools.jar etc - but it means that fewer classes are
available, making compilation snappier and using less memory. It also
means we could merge all of the above (and more, if we wanted) into one
not-terribly-huge jar file which could be used to build against without
having to download stuff from all over the place. (As a point of
reference, the above takes a total of 173K when jarred together. The
original starteam-sdk.jar alone is over 900K.)

Let me know if you want the program and the appropriate lists of classes
needed to generate the above fakes from the originals. I wouldn't have
thought this program would really belong in Ant itself, but I'm happy
for any ideas about what to do with it...


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