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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Path creation with elements specifed in an external file
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 18:22:42 GMT
On 2/9/02 1:19 PM, "Steve Loughran" <> wrote:
> I dont know if it is better or not, but the recent <loadfile> task to load a
> file into a property can generate a list you can assign to a path; you just
> need to set the flag to flatten all lines and remember to still put a ":" or
> ";" between elements .(*)

Ok, I will definitely look at that. I would prefer to use something that's
already there and work toward a better solution later if needed.

Do you have an example usage pattern I could see?
> I think if we were (and it is a big were) to have special loading of paths
> (or indeed any complex data source), it should use XML files.

That would be fine, the source is XML right now. I just made a simple line
oriented file to get things going.
> -steve
> (*) Actually, given that makeOneLine was put in to make building such one
> line strings from a file easier, and because it has only been in CVS a few
> days, maybe you should actually specify the line replacement character
> instead.. lineEndingSubstitute="" gives current behavior,
> lineEndingSubstitute=";" would do path line merging, ....
> --
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Jason van Zyl

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