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Subject [METRICS] jakarta-ant/proposal/mutant
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

This mail is an (unreadable) short text summary of the results of a
metrics source code tool ran on this project. It is sent as a 'proof
of concept' and see if there is any interest in these information.

For detailed information please look at the full report at:

- Metrics Summary -

V(G)      LOC       DIT       NOA       NRM       NLM       WMC
18        545       5         24        91        67        105       

RFC       DAC       FANOUT    CBO       LCOM      NOCL
128       10        27        49        1116      9         
For more information on the meaning of these acronyms see:

Metrics evaluate the quality of software by analyzing the program source
and quantifying various kind of complexity. Complexity is a common source
of problems and defects in software. High complexity makes it more difficult
to develop, understand, maintain, extend, test and debug a program.

The primary use of metrics is to focus your attention on those parts of code
that potentially are complexity hot spots. Once the complex areas your
program have been uncovered, you can take remedial actions.

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