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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: We need to stop the lies
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 09:47:28 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:

> Hmm - I am fairly sure I answered this question last time ... 

I'm getting old ...

> It is ****NOT**** done by the JVM but needs to be implemented by container 
> vendors. Avalon/Phoenix implements it, as does TC4 as does most newer servlet 
> (and ejb?) containers because it is part of their spec.
> Look at they way that all the commons products now use it - even ant is 
> following the spec now due to a recent contribution. Heres a basic reference
> Example dependency declaration
> Extension-List: javahelp
> javahelp-Extension-Name: 
> javahelp-Specification-Version: 1.0 
> javahelp-Implementation-Version: 1.0.3 
> javahelp-Implementation-Vendor-Id: com.sun 
> No location dependent information there.

Thanks for the link. I guess I find the spec a little vague. For 
example, according to
"Installed optional packages are JAR files in the directory

lib/ext       [in the Java 2 Runtime Environment]
jre/lib/ext   [in the Java 2 SDK]"

The example you gave above is not completely valid, since when you use 
Extension-List it seems you must also supply the 
<extension>-Implementation-URL header - it is not indicated as optional. 
Seems a little location dependent :-) - Just kidding.

Anyway, I guess the container implementors are interpreting the spec 
somewhat liberally.


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