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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: Official direction for xdocs
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 20:09:10 GMT

>>In one line : I find it odd that Ant has no default way of building
>>xdocs in its downloadable form.
>Because it contains almost no xdocs :)  Even if the entire manual was in
>xdocs format, someone downloading an Ant runtime would not need to rebuild
>Ant's docs.  
I am not really talking about ant as a project, I am talking aboiut it 
as a tool for use with other projects.  The projects I elude to are 
hosted at Apache, but can't be completely built with out of the box Ant, 
thus they include their own in their CVS tree.  A forked ant if you 
like.  A forked ant inside, forked inside Apache if you like.

>However, to support what you suggest would require including the
>velocity-1.2-dep.jar with the distribution which currently weighs in at
>474 KB.  Then if XDoclet becomes a requirement for generating task xdocs,
>that adds more heft as well.  But that would only be needed by those doing
>task development.  The thing is most builds don't use this functionality. 
>If your's does, then include those jars in your distribution so it will be
>self contained just as you've described for Avalon.
I am not interested in extracting infor from xdoclet (different to 
xdocs) tags, nor velocity.  The technology I talk in widespread use on 
Apache projects is xml-documents (styled to html for websites) known as 
xdocs.  Here is a snippet :

<s1 title="Heading one">
  <s2 title="Heading Two">

>Once the Ant manual has been converted to xdocs, there could be a
>paragraph mentioning how it was generated and where to obtain the support
>to do similar things yourself.  It could also contain links to other Ant
>supported ways of generating documenation.
Sorry dude, we are talking about different things.  You - Ant's own 
documents, Me - Son of <stylebook> taskdef

- Paul

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