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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: TryCatchFinallyTask ?
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 17:08:13 GMT
I'm certainly in favor of something like this.

In my case, I still want the build to fail, but I
want to send an e-mail to a text pager. Right now, I
do this by doing an 'echo' to a file before a
task starts, and a 'delete' of that file when the
task finishes. After the build, I run Ant again
with a different XML file that uses 'available'
to find any of these temp files. If it finds any, it 
sends the e-mail. Crude, but it works...

I'd much rather have the build do it's own thing...

Conor MacNeill wrote:
> Peter Donald wrote:
>  >
> > I probably would have if it had been implemented as an antcall rather than as
> > a container ;)
> I quite like the idea. I agree that error handling is pretty poor. We
> can see that from the proliferation of failonerror attributes which have
> been growing. People do want to continue running their builds when
> things blow up. This would make most failonerror attributes obsolete,
> though I don't think I'd suggest deprecating them :-)
> Of course, the same argument could be used for the "if" and "unless"
> attributes and we may be on a slippery slope there (slippery slopes can
> be fun though).
> You mentioned antcall, but the I'd say of of the most common patterns is
> going to be:
> <try>
>     <antcall target="main"/>
> </try>
> <catch>
>     <echo message="Aw, my build broke"/>
> </catch>
> <tbody> doesn't really work for me. I thought of <checked>. The other
> possibility might be a structure like this
> <try>
>    <tasks>
>       <echo>
>    </tasks>
>    <catch>
>       <echo>
>    </catch>
>    <finally>
>       <echo>
>    </finally>
> </try>
> Whaddayareckon?
> Conor
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