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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject Snapshot (WAS: Wrapping up logo vote)
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 10:15:40 GMT
Good Morning everybody!

I just tore an (unofficial, because I do not want to steal Erik's honour
;-)) Snapshot of our Logo Vote (5 to 11 middle European time). 

Here are the TOP 5 (if I counted correctly):

1. (370 votes) Number 33 - the very nice "built by" Icon
2. (306 votes) Number 45 - Adams Square modern Logo
3. (251 votes) Number 14 - The round logo by Justin from Rubus
4. (182 votes) Number 02 - The comic Ant I submitted a long time ago :-)
5. (177 votes) Number 43 - Ant carrying the Apache feather

First of all let me tell you, that I am really PROUD, that one of my
logo-proposals made it to the top 5 and received so many votes. Thanks to
all voters! BTW: I swear, that I neither gave a single vote for one of my
logos, nor tell anyone to support my logos, because I am a big supporter of
one of the other logos :-).

Anyways: Let me tell you, which one is my favourite!

I strongly +1 and support Logo 45 (even if it just land on the second place)
due to the following reasons:

1. It has copies in a brilliant way the style of the Tomcat Icon - that
fits, because IMHO Tomcat and Ant are the most successful Jakarta-Project
(this does not imply that other Jakarta-Projects aren't successful ;-))
2. Adam supplied us with a Vector-Graphic of the logo. This enables us to
use the logo in ANY size we want in the same GREAT quality (ever tried to
scale a bitmap to a bigger size ;-) - converted to a gif/png, of course :-) 
3. It's basic shape is Square and this fits for many cases: The Tree Nodes
in NetBeans (hi Mr. Glick ;-)), other IDEs, Icons on desktops, About Dialogs
(like in Antidote), and many more purposes I can't think of ATM.
4. A "built by" Icon can be created VERY easily!
5. I'd love to see an "OFFICIAL" ;-) Ant T-shirt with the Jakarta banner
small in the front on the breast and this Logo AS BIG AS POSSIBLE on the
back! Hey: This could become a new Jakarta-fashion trend ;-)

Annotation: Adam supplied us with an Adobe Illustrator. I've already created
a Macromedia Freehand file, and, If we decide for that logo, I want to
create an SVG with/for Batik.

Additionally I've got a question: Who has the copyright for the submitted
logos/the official logo? Is it automatically under Apache Software License?

I'd not -1 one of the other Icon's. I'm just glad, that logo 8 didn't made
it to the top 5 ;-).

Ok, that's all for my first shot.


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