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Subject Re: Patternsets, Filesets, and Mapper
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 03:41:48 GMT
> --- wrote:
> > Then, I could not find a way to simply copy the list of package names
> > into the new ant buildfiles and create the jars and javadocs.
> Well, I still can't say I'm certain of what you really need the lists to
> be used for -- but if your package-dir structure matches your package-name
> structure (which I'm assuming it does, since I think Java fairly well
> pukes when that's not the case, right? :), then I assume these
> package-name lists you currently have could be flipped around to be
> dir-name lists instead, yes? (IOW: sed your lists s/\./\//g) And then,
> what do you still need the dot-notation form for? (You can get pretty
> easily, but what do you need it for?)
> Diane

Ok, given that I convert the dotted-package names into directory-based .java filenames....
 What do I do to pass this in as a comma-delimited list of .class names?  I still haven't
figured out how to get the FileSet/PatternSet/PathConvert stuff to work for the behavior I
mentioned.  I feel like I am just missing something obvious.

By the same token, however, Ant should be able to handle a list of package names. It is
the most universal list we could have for java -- especially if we start talking about
tasks doing reflection.  I should be able to pass a list of package names off to some task
-- but it seems that we are not supposed to use any current structures to hold package

I mean, if you can provide me the correct way to do it with the current codebase, great --
I will change it and pass it off to management....  But if Ant could handle package names,
this would have been done in a few minutes instead of a couple weeks.

BTW: Thanks for the replies,

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