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Subject Re: Patternsets, Filesets, and Mapper
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:28:23 GMT
Ok, on site we have 7 seperate xml files that each have 3 sections. One section is for the
list of classes needed for JINI stubs. Another is the JINI service. Another is the common
one available to client and server.  It only lists the package names, so that we can infer
where the .class and .java files are (rmic are in the classes directory, for

>From these 3 lists(per xml file), we create a distributable service.jar, a distributable
service-dl.jar, a distributable common.jar, and a distributable servicedoc.jar [names are
actually different for each xml file].  We might also, depending on build options, build a
developer version of each of these.

The distributable jars contain only public info in the docs, no source code, and no test
code [except for the open source ones].  The developer jars include the source, the
classes. The developer docs include private info.  In some cases, there is a manifest. 
The developer jars include the files as well.

The build tool we are currently using, I wrote to fix issues we had with nmake. It javac's
the entire src tree, if the files are out of date. It rmic's any remote classes that are
out of date in the source tree. It javah's any native classes that are out of date in the
source tree.

It then loads each of the xml files mentioned above to create the application or
library-specific javadocs and jars.

I have convinced them here at work that we should be using Ant instead of the tool I
wrote.  I have been working on changing the build over for two weeks now, and it still
isn't doable.  Javac and RMIC seem to be fine.  I sent a patch in (to this list) to give
the Javah the native-checking ability (like the RMIC one does for remote-checking), and
got that one working.  Now, I am working on trying to get the jar/javadoc switched over.

Firstly, my references are not being passed to the sub-builds (bug ).  Then, I could not find a way to
simply copy the list of package names into the new ant buildfiles and create the jars and
javadocs.  I had thought it would be a matter of minutes to have it up and running, but
two weeks later, still no go.  I have went through the API and Manual, and emails to this
list -- but haven't figured out the correct and easy way to do this.

Any help would be more than appreciated.  My employer has not committed to using Ant
unless I can not prove that it would be better real soon.

-- Malachi

> --- wrote:
> > Unless I am missing something, a FileSet requires a directory... So, if
> > I specify...
> Okay, let's start from the beginning... What do you intend to use the list
> of .java files for (ie., for which task(s))? What do you intend to use the
> list of .class files for (ditto)? What do you intend to use the list of
> package names for (also ditto)? And is your example fileset (containing to
> specifically <include>'d files a real example, or just a foo-type?
> Diane

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