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From Eugene Karpov <>
Subject FileSet issues
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:17:15 GMT
I wanna propose following changes in Ant Framework:

1. I have no way to write the task that is both task container and fileset container.
   Since task implements TaskContainer interface method addFileset is never called.
   I think that it is a bug.
   I propose to add FileSetContainer interface with following methods:
      public void addFileset(final FileSet fileSet);
      public void removeFilesets();
   This will make framework features more clear to API users and will provide the way
   to use FileSetContainers inside build loops (for example, to build subprojects).

2. Copy task do not clean fileCopyMap and dirCopyMap after finishing execute. So I have
    no way to use it inside build loops (except recreating and reinitializing this task every


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