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Subject Patternsets, Filesets, and Mapper
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:25:14 GMT
I am in the process of changing the build at work to use Ant.  However, I am stuck (was
1.4.1 but changed the lib and bin directory to 1.5alpha)....

The goal is this. Define set of files ONCE. Javadoc and Jar from this one set of files.

More in depth:
* are under classes

rest of *.java are under src

*.class are under classes

some of the .class files (Sun's JINI RemoteException stuff that is required to be in the
jar) are under classes, but the source is NOT under src

I can't seem to figure out how to use the Mapper with anything... I tried doing this:
	&lt;fileset dir="${cls}" id="cls.files"&gt;
		&lt;mapper type="glob" from="*.java" to="*.class"&gt;
			&lt;patternset refid="filenames"/&gt;

but that doesn't work... I can't seem to get it... can someone give me an example of how
to make this work. I have very limited time before work makes me keep us with the Internal
build tools instead of Ant.


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