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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: AspectJ (Was: Re: TryCatchFinallyTask ?)
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:32:21 GMT
On Mon, 11 Feb 2002 07:59, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> I'm a total newbie to AspectJ and would have quite a learning curve to come
> up to speed with it myself, but its something I'm going to dig into one way
> or another.

It is fairly neat :) It requires much more global knowledge from developers - 
I have only used it in small projects and that was fine. I would be 
interested to see how well it scales. Anyone got any experience with it in 
largish code-bases?

> The cost of adopting it is only among the committers and contributors, not
> among general users of Ant.

But I hope to make it much easier to become a "developer" in the future - at 
least make it easier to write tasks and so forth. So requiring every user to 
use the aspectj compiler is too prohibitive IMHO.

> The same argument could have been made about using abstract classes and
> other OO techniques or any of the design patterns - its much less complex
> to write straight procedural code, why not just use switch statements
> instead of this new-fangled abstract factory?!!  :)

I hear you ;)  I want to make it possible to write procedural tasks in 
TCL/python/javascript/whatever. However we also need to support multi-task 
environment manipulation in a safe manner (ie Gump or things like our current 
<recorder/> task). It took me ages to convince anyone that we needed aspects 
at all and I am not sure everyone agrees yet ;)

Using an AspectHandler style approach is fairly common - Servlet, EJB, CORBA 
all use the same pattern (though they call them Interceptors or Valves or 
ExecutionChains or whatever). So while it is more complex than strickly 
needed - I think it should be familiar enough that it is less of an issue.



I just hate 'yes' men, don't you Smithers?

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