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From Peter Donald <>
Subject JDepend
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 14:32:24 GMT

I have setup a basic jdepend task and report (dependency information about 
codebase) for the main ant tree. However it turns out that it points out more 
problem areas in the main ant codebase (ie circular dependencies and very 
very very scattered interactions and so forth) and since we can't change it - 
it doesn't seem to be a good idea of reporting it everyday? Or maybe not - 
what do you think? Should I commit it or not. It would also mean that we need 
to include jdepend 2.1+ in CVS.

In myrmidon I actually integrated it into JUnit tests. So I make sure that;

* the org.apache.aut.* tree does not have any dependencies on the rest of the 
* the launcher does not have references to any other ant class 
* that the implementations of the container interfaces are not directly 
referred to by anything other than those classes in same package
* there are no circular dependencies

In time I will also do things that make sure that the antlibs dont refer to 
other antlibs and make sure that the efferent connections (ie what the 
package depends upon) are within tolerable proportions, and whether the 
"Distance from the Main Sequence" (or makeup of classes) is of an acceptable 



"Wise men don't need advice. Fools don't take it." 
                        -Benjamin Franklin 

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