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From Nigel Magnay <>
Subject RE: [Submit] PVCS Dimensions; external & custom Tasks
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:51:54 GMT
>Actually, when I was reworking the tasks overview page, I was thinking
>of adding a section for Unsupported (or External, Contributed, whatever)
>Tasks, and listing the links in the doc. Would something like that
>suffice? (See the tasksoverview.html file in in CVS to
>see what I'm referring to.)

That would be cool, particularly if there were a link to download the
relevant JAR file. I like all the documentation being available in one
place. It would be good if downloaded JARs contained enough information for
ANT to be able to use them immediately rather than having to put <taskdef>
entries in your code all over the place. It seems a shame that the
optional.jar is 'special' in this respect - part of the reason I want a
couple of extra items in the VSS tasks that I submitted yesterday as a patch
is that I don't want to have to do custom builds in order for them to be
accessible by default. If I could create 'MyVssStuff.jar' and add it into
the lib directory, this would be great.

Thinking about it, what would be even nicer is something such as the

* Tasks can be in jar files dropped in the lib directory
* Tasks can be added merely by dropping new jar files into the lib directory
* If ANT processes a build file and meets a task that it doesn't recognise
(and can't find in its lib directory), it automatically (or prompts, or
whatever) looks at the ANT website, finds where the jar file  is that
contains the task that is needed, downloads it and continues.

This does mean that the task 'namespace' is controlled by jakarta by
default, but that sounds like no bad thing...

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