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From Nigel Magnay <>
Subject RE: [Submit] PVCS Dimensions
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:03:32 GMT

>Nice work.
>While Ant certainly has many SCM implementations in its optional task
>list, what about the possibility of Merant providing these tasks rather
>than the Ant project?

About as likely as Microsoft providing tasks for VSS ?

>The dilemma is that once these tasks are in Ant's codebase, its the
>committers responsibility to maintain them.  The more we push back to
>the vendors to host and maintain their own tasks the better off Ant will
>actually be (since the committers can spend their time on the engine and
>not task maintenance).

On the other hand, it'd be a real pain to have to hunt the web for all the
extra extensions needed for a particular environment. Lots of people have to
use PVCS - so in the meantime they'll download ant and find it inadequate
for their needs, despite the fact that someone has written a PVCS connector
(unless they're really keen and hunt the patch down themselves).

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