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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: Multiple patternsets in a fileset
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 01:57:15 GMT
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From: "Bruce Atherton" <>

> Suppose, though, that Ant 1.x has behaviour that is "incorrect" (as
> by the majority of committers).

Then I'm all for changing it.  I'm being swayed by the arguments here, but I
still don't really consider the current behavior incorrect.  It depends on
how you define what the patternsets for a fileset are supposed to do.

I agree that your use-cases are good reasons for change, but provided we
don't adversely affect Ant 1.x.

> >There are other glaringly difficult issues with other datatypes that
> >be resolved in the 1.x codebase.
> Would using a "-legacy" flag work for your examples? Or would the APIs
> to change?

I think the way DirectoryScanner works (or its usage in a fileset) would
have to change or at least its use the Ant codebase.

> proves time and again, "documenting counterintuitive behaviour = bad,
> fixing counterintuitive behaviour = good".

Ok, ok!  :)

But again, I don't necessarily find the current behavior counter-intuitive,
but perhaps thats simply because I've got to much of an under-the-hood
understanding of whats going on.


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