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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: Speaking of deprecation...
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 22:15:29 GMT
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From: <>

> There are a lot of inconsistencies and cruft in make - yet all versions
> of gnumake do their best to support all of those, and it seems all
> those developers believe that respecting a defacto standard is more
> important and worthier goal than making their design simpler.

Then there's the difference between the two - the philosophy of the
developers (generally speaking).

> Yes, I'm a very satisfied customer when I can't connect to a bank because
> they require internet explorer... And I'm sure a company should
> be happy they lost a customer because I couldn't buy without
> booting in windows.

Well, if companies were losing money because their websites were
inaccessible to the majority of their (potential) customers then they would
downgrade their HTML to accomodate.  Apparently its not too much of an issue
because rest of the world has upgraded their browsers (lets not get into any
monopoly discussions here - we're on a tangent as it is).  While I'm sure
you're not the only Netscape 2 or lynx user out there still, you're
certainly in the minority browser-wise, and more than likely
deprecation-usage wise too.


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