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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: Speaking of deprecation...
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 19:29:31 GMT
Costin - to much extent I have been with you on your backwards compatibility
comments.  But I'm going to play devil's advocate here....

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From: <>

> I DON'T WANT TO UPGRADE THE BUILDFILE, and certainly not to be forced
> to do that.

So, don't upgrade your version of Ant then.

> - you can write a makefile for a 10 year old make and it'll work with any
> newer make. I don't have to upgrade my makefile with every release of gnu
> make.

Ant is NOT make.  We should not necessarily make comparisons between the
two.  Getting rid of inconsistencies and cruft and keeping Ant's design and
internals clean is a worthier goal than backwards compatibility in many

> - you can write a html page that displays in netscape2.0. People don't
> have to upgrade their pages every for every new browser.

Writing real web applications that would satisfy your customer or company
and the end users who expect much more is not possible with such "least
common denominator" HTML coding though.  The stakes are bumped up to 4.0
browsers and up these days for all projects I've been involved in lately.

> I use deprecated features ( or things that have 'modern' replacements )
> because I choose to, not because I'm stupid and need to be told
> that every time I build.

You are perhaps an exception to the rule on this.  Personally, when I
upgrade and get deprecation warnings, I fix them immediately.


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