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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: Patternsets, Filesets, and Mapper
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 05:40:42 GMT
From: <>

> I am actually created the ant build files by hand right now. I am not so
worried about the
> one time up-front time to make the files -- but can't figure out how they
need to be done.
>  The important thing is that we want to use Ant as a standardized way of
doing the build
> instead of using loads of internally developed build tools.

Don't give up yet!  We're almost there :)

> When is Ant 2.x slated for release?

LOL!  Is there some FAQ on Open Source out there that answers this question?

The answer of course is "who knows?!"  - we're just making this up as we go
and releases happen when the committers reach consensus.  We are quite a
ways from an Ant 2.x release (unless Peter and Adam goes renegade on us and
makes a release of their proposal! :).

> This is exactly what I was thinking.  I am trying to convince management
that this will be
> easier to maintain, but can't even figure out how to do it myself.

includesfile.... that should do the trick, right?

> > *blush* - why thank you!  That, along with seeing the Java Tools book
> > my name in it, at Barnes and Noble tonight have made my day!  :)
> Really? Wow.... What's the title?

Java Tools for Extreme Programming by Rick Hightower and Nick Lesiecki (both
former co-workers of mine).  Its got a fair bit of Ant in there although its
primary focus is a general overview of several open source tools like Ant,
Cactus, HttpUnit, JMeter, and such.  I was not very involved in its
development as they were spending insane hours working on it in a short time
frame (and what time is it now? And what am I doing online? :).  I spent all
of about two evenings working their examples and getting HttpUnit running
and wrote up a bit on it.  And (are you listening Rick or Nick?! :) I gave
them Ant advice when I started running their build scripts and encountered
hard-coded absolute paths that had been developed in haste - unfortunately
writing a book is *hard* work and getting all those little details ironed
out while also trying to write pages ain't easy.  Kudos to them for the fine
piece of work they created.  But don't worry - there will be plenty more
fine written works on Ant to follow!  :)


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