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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: TaskAdapter/TaskFactory/RuntimeConfigurable
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 00:29:06 GMT
From: <>

> A quick update:
> I started to check what is needed to allow 'custom' TaskAdapters to
> be plugged in ( as requested by Peter/Jose Alberto ). The problem
> is that TaskAdapter is hardcoded in ProjectHelper and few other
> places, and provide little flexibility in how the configuration
> takes place.
> That, combined with the discussion on ClassLoaders, combined
> with my work on 'improved pluggability of ant', combined with
> 'sax2 and pluggable xml processor' can be resolved by 
> abstracting the Task creation and configuration.
> Of course, everything will remain 100% backward compatibile,
> both at behavior and API level - all that's needed is a new 
> 'hook' that will allow tasks/adapters to be constructed by 
>  user-level code and a better API that will replace the 
> hardcoded xml processor behavior and improve the configuration.
> I'm very excited about this change, it'll solve _tons_ of 
> problems ( I suspect 1/2 of the requirements for 2.0 will
> be implementable as simple ant1.5 plugins ). 
> I'm still working on this, I hope to check the first 
> version this week - I'm using proposals/sandbox/embed/, 
> but I can create a self-building engine in proposals/embededAnt.
> ( sort of a 'proposal/revolution' for ant1.5 :-)
> I would also add a new package - ant.plugins and put
> the ProjectHelperImpl, the default TaskHelperImpl, 
> and in future other helpers that would be 'accepted'.
> In particular I hope to have a SAX2/namespace aware
> project helper included in 1.6+ ( I'm working on
> refactoring ProjectHelper, but it's unlikely to
> be ready soon )

Have you take a look at antlib proposal? I guess some of that stuff
is addressed there. in particular generic adapters, factories and the
Classloader issues. Maybe we could collaborate.

I do not have as much free time as I would have wished.

Jose Alberto

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