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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Promotion of FilterReaders proposal to main development tree.
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:08:34 GMT
From: "Adam Murdoch" <>

> > I would like to call upon a vote for the promotion of
> > the FilterReaders proposal from the sandbox to the main
> > development tree.
> >
> +1 - very cool.

Thank you!

> I have some tiny nitpicks, however:

They are welcome.

> * Can you split up ChainReaderHelper.processStream() into two methods:  A
> method that assembles the Reader, and a utility method turns a Reader into
> String (this method would fit better on FileUtils).  You also might want
> use a StringBuffer when you're doing the conversion.

I considered that - can recollect why I trashed it before.
I will provide one.

> * Why does LoadProperties parse the properties?  Why not use
> java.util.Properties?

Thinking out aloud - How?  By converting inputreader
to inputstream? hmm...

> * Should BaseFilterReader.skip() be using
> rather than

Yep.  If is used, a skip of
improper number of characters will be done.

> * You might want to look at refactoring some of the common(-ish) stuff
> the filters down into BaseFilterReader.  For example, nearly all of the
> filters deal with lines of text, and each has their own 'read a line from
> the file' code.  It would be better if BaseFilterReader (or an
> LineFilterReader class) took care of this for the filters.  Same with
> setParameters(), setInitialised(), getInitialised(), etc.  And dealing
> buffering.


> * Any chance of a filter that adjusts end-of-line characters?  How about a
> regexp version of LineContains?

There you go :-)  Looking for a replacement
for FixCRLF, eh?  As far as regexp version
of linecontains, it is just a question of

> Adam


*  He who won't take responsibility for his   *
*  mistakes is usually the first one to point *
*  a finger at someone else's.                *

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