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From "George Pace" <>
Subject Question on which JDK to use
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:35:31 GMT
To all,

I am new to ANT, but I have an interesting question that I hope someone
can answer.  The situation is as follows.  

1.  This particular group will be using WebSphere 3.5.x (meaning the IBM
JVM /JDK 1.2.2)

2.  The group wants to use ANT, and one of the requirements is to have a

3.  The group wants to know, if they use the SUN JDK 1.2.2 to compile
the code, will this source work under WebSphere

Typically, we use VAJ as the IDE to create JAR files.  My feeling on
this, is that a JDK is more or less a JDK, and the compile process is no
different than 2 different C compilers working on the same source to
create an .EXE

However, I do know that IBM "Tweaks" the JDK.  What I don't know, is
what impact, if any, is how different the JAR file is using ANT / SUN
JDK vs using ANT and an IBM JDK

Thanks in advance if anyone knows and can answer !!

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