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From "Johan Kumps" <>
Subject Problem in XML file generated during a JUnit load test using ANT 1.4.1
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 11:10:59 GMT

I hava a problem with the generated xml file during a JUnit load test. My ant target is as
follows :

<target name="junit-load-cobra" depends="compile">
  	<junit printsummary="withOutAndErr" fork="no">
  		<sysproperty key="server" value="${test.server}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="server.port" value="${test.server.port}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="context.server" value="${context.server}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="context.server.port" value="${context.server.port}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="cobra.url" value="${test.cobra.url}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="ui" value="${test.ui}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="maxusers" value="${test.load.maxusers}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="delay" value="${test.load.delay}"/>
  		<sysproperty key="test.result.dir" value="${test.result.dir}/${test.result.load}"/>
  			<pathelement path="${classes.dir}" />
  			<pathelement path="${weblogic.classes}" />
  			<pathelement path="${build.classpath}" />
  		<formatter type="xml" />
  			<fileset dir="${classes.dir}">
  				<include name="be/vdab/cobra/test/load/*.class" />
  	<!-- De resultaten worden in HTML verzameld..." -->
  	<mkdir dir="${test.result.dir}/${test.result.load}"/> 
  	<mkdir dir="${test.result.dir}/${test.result.load}/html" />	
  	<junitreport todir="./${test.result.dir}/${test.result.load}">
  		<fileset dir=".">
    			<include name="TEST-*.xml"/>
  		<report format="frames" todir="./${test.result.dir}/${test.result.load}/html"/>

Please take a look at the generated XML file attached in this mail. At the end following elements
are specified :

  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" time="0.38" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" time="0.992" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" time="0.951" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" time="1.172" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" time="0.03" /> 
  <testcase name="testZoekenViaTrefwoord" time="1.031" /> 

Why is the time property not specified for all the test cases? Is this a thread synchronisation
problem. How can i fix it?

Thanks in advance

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