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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.9 & Task Packaging
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 13:14:28 GMT
On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Tim Dawson <> wrote:

> currently we have a few packages, "taskdefs", for the - supposedly -
> core stuff, and taskdefs.compilers, taskdefs.condition,
> taskdefs.rmic, and then a catchall, taskdefs.optional.* where
> everything else is bunched. This is a bit confusing as some tasks
> haven't been migrated to a hierarchy, etc.

It is not strictly a matter of migration (the compiler, rmic and
condition subpackages just happened to suddenly be there 8-).  Moving
classes into different packages can create backwards compatibility
problems as well (there is at least one link on our external tools
page to a task that "extends").

Of course we are free to chose new packages for Ant2 as we like.

> 	(main engine, interfaces, abstract superclasses)

make that org.apache.ant, no need for the 2 IMHO as Ant 1.x is in the
tools subpackage.

Most (all?) proposals use that package as well.

> Anything inside of core and included in the build would have to pass
> a strict "can this run without ANY 3rd party jars?"

A very hard rule and we won't hold it, I'm sure.  Crimson is a 3rd
party jar.

> Further, if we're really moving to a container architecture with
> Ant2, then we should define a spec for the build file, execution
> engine, and task extensions API through a JSR

Has been proposed by others (Conor) before.

> BEA should be able to provide a "weblogic.jar" that could just be
> referenced in a build file, and used with whatever recent version of
> Ant you've downloaded.

You are absolutely correct, they should be.  Why don't they?  All
people would have to do was to add a single <taskdef> line.


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