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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Ant2 codebase adoption process
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 07:48:12 GMT
On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, <> wrote:

> But my point was that no change or feature in ant2 justfiy braking
> backward compatibility at:
> - build.xml level

Most discussion we've had so far would add things to build.xml but not
render old build files invalid.

We'll remove some tasks or attributes that have been deprecated in Ant
1.x and change the default values for some other attributes where we
feel the default is wrong (<ant> and inheritall).  These things can
easily be fixed with a conversion tool (be it an XSLT stylsheet or
something else).

Other things may be more difficult to catch in an automated way.
Dereferencing properties that have not been set is one thing, a lot of
build files today rely on Ant printing ${foo} if foo has not been set,
while we have agreed to throw an exception here in Ant2.  We should
start printing warnings in Ant 1.x and tell people to assign default
values, but this is a point where old build files won't work with

The unification of properties and data-types is another thing that can
lead to problems that are difficult to catch automatically.

> I'm very worried that ant2 will 'backdoor' this kind of stuff by
> changing the codebase as a 'package' - without people beeing able to
> analyze each individual change and decide if it's worth it.

Costin, please see <>,
this is a list of features the committers have agreed on, feature by
feature.  I'd expect Ant2 to largely follow what is in there, no
matter which codebase will emerge for it.

There are some other features we seem to agree upon that haven't made
it to that list (yet), something like "it should be possible to define
a new condition without changing the Ant's source code", reiterate
"condition" with "file selector" or "EJB container specific tag in
ejbjar" or ... 

ant-dev has so far been unable to come up with an single, agreed upon
code base that would implement these features, and really, this is
almost the only part missing to get Ant2 from talk to work.


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