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From Joseph Dane <>
Subject FilterSet should croak if it can't filter
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 01:20:11 GMT

I'd like to use a FilterSet for the obvious and usual reasons.  but I
also want the filterset to fail if it can't find a replacement value.

consider the case in which configuration values are being replaced
into source text.  if a value has been left out of the configuration
file, we want to signal an error and stop the build.  currently,
filterset just ignores the replacement and continues.

I have a patch for against version (tag
ANT_141) which provides this behavior when the filterset element
has an "abortmissing" attribute.  I'm not sure what the appropriate
venue is for posting such patches, since I'm new around here.  how can
I submit this patch, or at least a request for the desired behavior?



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