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From David Bullock <>
Subject RE: GenericDeploymentTool and ejb
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 04:19:18 GMT
Yup.  Basically, the JAR manifest entry 'Class-Path' rocks :-)  More Java
developers need to know about this one.

It is a requirement of the J2EE spec that application servers given an
EAR file must respect the Class-Path attribute, and interpret path paths
relative to the location of the ejb.jar inside the app.ear file.


           /MAINFEST.MF  ( contains entry 'Class-Path: support.jar' )

I feel this is 'best current practice', and is preferrable to putting all
dependent classes in ejb.jar  ...  when the new task is released, it would
be good to NOT make it ship with dependency-bundling turned on by
default, IMHO.

Hmm ... does GDT cover the functionaliity of 'weblogic.deploy'?  Must
have a look into that.


On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Conor MacNeill wrote:

> > Hey,
> >
> > I've been using the GDT out of the CVS for a little bit, and I've noticed
> > that it's adding a whole lot more classes than the version that's in the
> > jakarta-ant-1.4-optional.jar (sometimes on the order of 10x, from
> > 7 classes
> > to 70).  I know that it uses a different mechanism for finding dependant
> > classes, but that's about it.
> >
> > is there a doc for this anywhere?
> >
> Not yet. Holger, do you plan to add one? The old verion used to add in super
> classes and interfaces. The new version loads all classes by spidering the
> class dependency hierarchy. Should give you a more complete jar. I think
> that is what the standard dictates although I have for quite a while, used a
> separate support jar for such classes.
> Conor
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