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From Holger Engels <>
Subject Re: Websphere ejbjar task
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 06:50:30 GMT
On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Todd Chambery wrote:

> Conor,
> I'm looking through the code, and it looks similar to what I hacked up (much
> cleaner and complete though).  I have 2 (two) questions:
> 1) the "alwaysRebuild" attribute to the websphere task isn't exposed.  Is
> this an oversight, or intentional?


> 2) can you elaborate on the manifest issue?  I only see one reference to the
> manifest, and that is in the isRebuildRequired method.

I added this feature to the GenericDeploymentTool some time ago. One issue 
remained: if you chose to use the naming convention, a changed 
manifest-files would not be detected by the dependency checks. There would 
be no rebuild, if only manifest files changed.

> apart from the manifest problem, it looks like it works great.

At least on linux and windows 2k .. I did not test it on other platforms.
The automatical 'ejbdeploy' did only work for me, if I used the ibm-jdk. 
otherwise ibm's rmic throws a ClassFormatError, that complains about a 
bad UTF8-String constant in the class' constant pool.


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