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From Stephen Charles Huey <>
Subject ftp task
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 19:09:59 GMT
Okay, I downloaded the Netcomponents JAR and stuck that in my lib
directory.  I also downloaded jakarta-ant-1.4.1-optional and stuck that
JAR in my lib directory.

I've successfully built a couple of java files into class files, and
wanted to try to ftp them from my Windows machine onto my school UNIX
account.  I've never used command-line ftp stuff before (only SSH and
WS_FTP), so I wasn't sure about all the settings.

Anyway, in my simple build file that successfully compiled a couple of
Java files, I added an ftp tag that I found on a webpage, and filled it
in as best I could.  It looks like this (except that I took out my
password, of course):

  <ftp server=""
    <fileset dir="classes"/>


I got the following error message from ANT, b/c I obviously don't know how
to use the ftp task:


c:\antfiles\buildfile.xml:21: Unexpected element "ftp"

Can you please help me learn how to implement ftp with Ant?  Thanks!

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