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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Ant2 codebase adoption process
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 18:15:42 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:
> I would like to suggest moving to a vote on which codebase we wish to
> adopt for Ant2.
> I suggest we have a discussion period  from now until Feb 6th.
> Thereafter a committer vote should be proposed.
> I'm not really sure of what form such a vote should take. I think
> majority approval would be the go rather than consensus approval
> ( but we can discuss that.
> The situation we face is not really covered by the rules as far as I can
> see.
> The obvious candidates. IMHO are myrmidon and mutant. Other candidates
> may emerge in the discussion period. I do not believe we should include
> Ant 1.x as an option but again let us discuss.

I see this as a discussion as to who "owns" the Ant name.  After all, after
a vote, neither mutant nor myrmidon need to cease to exist.  This type of
situation was discussed in .  The
relevant quotes are:

   Roy also stated the name goes with the majority.  James asked who should
   be given the right to vote.        Brian answered committers.

More relevant, perhaps, is the .  A
section I'd like to specifically call out is:

   When a revolution is ready for prime time, the committer proposes a
   merge to the -dev list. At that time, the overall community evaluates
   whether or not the code is ready to become part of, or to potentially
   replace the, trunk. Suggestions may be made, changes may be required.
   Once all issues have been taken care of and the merge is approved, the
   new code becomes the trunk.

I would recommend that progress continues in the manner outlined above.  In
other words, instead of a "which codebase do we base v2 on", pick a single
code base and decide whether or not the community feels that  it is ready.
Repeat until done.  Note that the existence of an alternative which is
actively being developed is likely to have a significant dampening effect
on the positive votes being cast.

- Sam Ruby

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