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From "Todd Chambery" <>
Subject Re: Websphere ejbjar task
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 18:59:04 GMT

> > apart from the manifest problem, it looks like it works great.
> At least on linux and windows 2k .. I did not test it on other platforms.
> The automatical 'ejbdeploy' did only work for me, if I used the ibm-jdk.
> otherwise ibm's rmic throws a ClassFormatError, that complains about a
> bad UTF8-String constant in the class' constant pool.

I've found this too (after much pain).  It seems WebSphere's very picky
about using the IBM jdk.

The GDT's manifest naming convention works, but it checks for the manifest
in the

      getConfig().descriptorDir, baseName + ""

which in my case is the root of the descriptors, or

    [ejbjar] building foo.jar with 18 files

--->    [ejbjar]   looking for manifest name of

    [ejbjar] adding file 'com\bar\common\ABFoo1.class'
    [ejbjar] adding file 'com\bar\common\ABFoo2.class'
    [ejbjar] adding file 'com\bar\session\ba\FooSessionHome.class'

My directory structure may not fit the convention, but it is in the form of:
all the descriptors get picked up but I had to modify the GDT.writeJar(...)

    log("\n\n\nlooking for manifest name of " + getConfig().descriptorDir+
baseName + "\\Meta-inf" + baseName + "" + "\n\n",
    File manifestFile = new File(getConfig().descriptorDir, baseName +
"\\Meta-inf" + baseName + "");

to get it to pick up my manifest.  Is this looking for the manifest in the
descriptor root directory intentional?

Apart from that, I think I only have one more concern:  rmic is not being
invoked.  Running the CVS version of WDT gives me this:

    [ejbdeploy]   Validation of ABFoo.jar by EJB Validator is complete. All
known problems have been reported.
    [ejbdeploy] Generating deployment code
    [ejbdeploy]   Processing session bean: Foo
    [ejbdeploy]   Committing working copy...
    [ejbdeploy]   Updating.
    [ejbdeploy] Shutting down workbench.
    [ejbdeploy] EJBDeploy complete.

Am I missing an attribute that fires off rmic?

Thanks for your help,


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