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From <>
Subject Helping with Ant 2
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 14:54:14 GMT
Hello everyone,

I'm looking to get involved in the development of Ant 2.  I've read through
the documents that I was able to find in the CVS repos and on the web site
and I'm trying to decide where to concentrate my next efforts.  Maybe one of
the items on Action List for v1.9 (put together by Peter Donald)?  However,
I'm a little confused as to how the Ant 2 development is going to take

Will it be a complete rewrite or will it use the current Ant as a base?

While there is a 1.9 action list, there is also mention that: "Several
people are working on prototypes (that can be found in Ant's CVS module in
the proposals directory)".  This particular directory contains several items
with interesting names (Antfarm, Anteater, etc.), but no indication of what
each one is.  So, where's a good starting point?  Which is a good code base
to work out of?  Or are we still trying to finalize requirements and spec?

Any insight into the setup and direction of this development effort would be

Thank you,

Marc Limotte

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