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From "Adam Murdoch" <>
Subject myrmidon questions
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 02:32:33 GMT


Some myrmidon questions.

What are your plans for the <import> task and <import> directive (at the top
of a <project>)?  Right now, they take different attributes and reference
the library differently (the task by file path, the directive by base name).
What do you think of doing away with one of them (the directive, say)?

How about plans for the DataType interface?  Is it going to stay a marker
interface, or were you going to add stuff to it?  You were talking about
having more than one data type role - want to elaborate on that a little
more?  In particular, how would this affect the configurer, if it wanted to
do type substitution?

I'd like to automate the process of defining a TypeInstanceTask task for
each data type.  Looks like it would be trivial to use the XDoclet stuff to
add a <task> declaration in the descriptor for each data type.  However, I
think it would be good to keep the descriptor as normalised as possible, and
avoid putting the <task> declaration in there.  This would give the
container plenty of freedom to do what it wants at runtime.  What I was
thinking of doing was add a TypeManager implementation that took care of
either registering the task when the data type is registered, or that took
care of instantiating a TypeInstanceTask when a "task" with the name of a
data-type is requested.  Thoughts?


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