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From "Adam Murdoch" <>
Subject [myrmidon] Enable <path> data type
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 06:34:05 GMT


The attached patch makes <path> useable as a data-type in myrmidon.

* Added a String -> Path converter.

* Added the appropriate declarations to ant1-ant-descriptor.xml.

* PathLocation is now only used internally by Path.  This means a <path> may
not contain nested <pathlocation> elements any more.  Nested <path> elements
can be used to do the same thing.

* Removed Path.systemClasspath and Path.concatSystemClassPath().  The goal
is to add specialised <systemclasspath>, <antruntime>, and <javaruntime>
data-types to control this explicitly.  I left it unfinished, because the
as-yet-unwritten Java util stuff will determine how it should be done.

* Removed 'includeantruntime' and 'includejavaruntime' from <javac> and
<rmic>.  See above for reason.

* Moved Path.addExtdirs() -> DefaultCompilerAdaptor.  This was the only
place it was used.

* Cleaned out a few more Path createX() methods.

BTW, Avalon's FileUtil.resolveFile() doesn't recognise windows absolute
paths for some reason.  Didn't bother hunting the problem down, cause the
solution depends on what happens with the VFS (which absolutely does
recognise them).


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