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From "Eric Cain" <>
Subject Some logos...
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 05:27:36 GMT
Hi there,

Just noticed today that you are looking for a logo and I thought I might
be able to contribute a few candidates. Here are four: one background /
large panel image, one banner (not standard size), and two smaller
graphics. I didn't notice any submission guidelines, so I hope the image
format and delivery method are acceptable.

I'm a long-time ANT user and have enjoyed using it since the first time I
was able to try it out. Keep up the great work.


Eric Cain
Partner, Software Engineer
United Binary, LLC

No matter  how exotic  human civilization  becomes,  no matter the
developments  of  life  and  society  nor  the  complexity  of the
machine/human  interface,  there always come  interludes of lonely
power when the course of humankind,  the very future of humankind,
depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals.
                                     --Dune Messiah, Frank Herbert

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