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From Brian Deitte <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] zip/jar improvements * 2
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 15:23:41 GMT
Thanks for the comments Magesh.  I'm tied up right now, but I'll try to get a new patch out
with some of your suggestions within a week.  Some reponses below...

> Is it possible to make this configurable by letting
> the user specify whether the file is to be added
> or duplicated with the default option set to duplicated?
> This would ensure backwards compatibility as well
> as let the user take her pick.

Sure, I can do this, but is there any case where people really want duplicate files within
the same directory?  I was surprised this was even possible!

> In your code, I noticed that you have used //
> to comment private variables.  Use commenting style
> recognized by javadoc instead.  Please also provide
> valid javadoc comments for all methods that
> you introduce.

I confess, I didn't comment as much as I should have for the amount of changes I made.  I'll
add some more.  An unrhetorical question, though: do people javadoc private variables?  I
can change this, but I'm just curious, because I've never worked with a group that does this.

Thanks again, Brian

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