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From "Kerns, Bob" <>
Subject RE: Chmod task for Windows
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 03:59:47 GMT
My suggestion would be to simply allow chmod on windows, unless explicitly
conditionalized by platform. It would be up to the user to supply a suitable
implementation on the PATH.

Unfortunately, to just change it to run everywhere by default would be
incompatible, so the default would have to continue to be to limit it to
unix platforms, but we should be able to explicitly request it.

It's not necessary to append ".exe" -- in fact, it would be incorrect. I
might supply the functionality in a .BAT file, perl script, or what have

In my case, I would either use cygwin, or write a little script that does
ATTRIB to map the specific case I'm interested in, and error otherwise
(which is to turn off read-only status). It doesn't have to be fully
unix-compatible; it merely has to perform the task as required by the build.

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Subject: RE: Chmod task for Windows

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> From: Jesse Stockall []
> Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 9:32 PM
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> Subject: Re: Chmod task for Windows
> On Thu, 2002-01-24 at 15:18, Peter Donald wrote:
> >
> > Theres also the difficulty that some windows platforms (ie
> cygwin) actually
> > support chmod to some degree or another. So we would be
> blocking people who
> > already used chmod on win32.
> Hmmm, the Chmod task does an check for Os family="unix". Cygwin on
> Win2000 is detected as family "windows" so the Chmod task should never
> run on a Windows box.

Also it can be valid to run chmod under "normal" windows - my specific
example is when using an NFS mounted volume.  This also applies to chgrp and
chown which by rights should probably also have ant tasks.  I would suggest
that the restriction of OsFamily="unix" should be at most a default and not
the precondition that it currently is.

I'm not sure if this simple change would be enough though since NFS Maestro
supplies chmod.exe which, if I understand things correctly, would not be
picked up by the line in


How does cygwin supply the chmod functionality - chmod or chmod.exe? - could
we get away with adding ".exe" to the commandline if the os family is

> > The first one would definetly be accepted. The second *might*
> be accepted if
> > it was done in an exceptionally good way but I suspect it would not :)
> >


I know that you are cencentrating on Ant2 right now, and the VFS should
probably provide access to these sort of features, but could you spare the
time to extrapolate on "an exceptionally good way" to combine this
functionality?  I suggested a (somwhat ambitious) option on a previous
thread but got no response...

I'm happy to work on such a combined task, and firmly believe that it would
be better than the current unix only support, but would prefer it if I felt
that there was a vague chance of making it into CVS.


> I guess I'll submit the attrib task for now & put some more thought into
> a platform independent chmod task.
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