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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] ejb-jar/jonas element again
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 10:32:12 GMT
Stephane Bailliez wrote:

> Could you please give me a valid argument that force you to do this to test
> *your* task ?!
> Is it too much to ask people dropping your jar task in ANT_HOME/lib  and use
> a taskdef like it is done in many places around ? Is Turbine delivering its
> own Ant distribution for Torque tasks ? Is Velocity delivering its own Ant
> dist for Texen task ?
> I have seen newbie developpers delivering stuff similarly in a company.
> Update, fixes and such were done via email. No label set. No tag in the jar.
> Nothing. Pretty easy to figure what code is a build using.
> I'm totally against this practice. This is a big -1 from me.

Stephane, lets not assume the worst :-). Maybe Cyrille didn't think 
about the best way to package this up. Then again, you may not realize 
that what is being proposed here is a new component of the <ejbjar> task 
and it is not easy to provide it as a standalone package. It requires a 
modification of the standard, optional <ejbjar> task. It may have been 
sufficient to provide a new optional.jar to allow users to test it.

This flows on from the discussion we have been having about plug-in 
interfaces in tasks that are extensible such as <ejbjar>.   It is not 
impossible nor difficult to provide such pluggability to <ejbjar> if you 
are prepared to support tasks which can programtically determine their 
allowed nested elements. Unfortunately not everyone supports such 

Anyway, Cyrille was specifically asked by Steve to gather some feedback 
from Jonas users before the changes could be committed.


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