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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Ant2 codebase adoption process
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:23:02 GMT
> As someone who wears a "build-master" hat (among others), I 
> can say this:
> If there's some compelling reason to switch, it'll get done. IOW, if
> there's something I really want/need with Ant2 that I can't 
> get from Ant1,
> then I'll grab Ant2 and have at the build. Afterall, it 
> wouldn't be any
> different than finding some wholly new tool that does 
> something better or
> not available with the currently used tool and switching to that (eg.,
> scrapping an old Make process to switch to a slick new tool). 
> As long as
> the pay-off is there, and the impact on the process end-users 
> is minimal
> (eg., developers can still use the new process as easily, or 
> more so, as
> the old one), it's not only not that big of a deal to re-work 
> things, it's
> pretty much my job :)

Of course you are right (as always :-)). I'd do the same, beeing the
"build-master" of a subproject ATM... Afterall the I still believe
acceptance for Ant 2, IMHO, would be bigger, if the buildfiles and the
task-API would be similar to the current one.

Ok: I do very much trust in this community, because it's very careing for
our Ant, so: Whatever the community will decide on, I'll definately support
as good as I can!

Good night everybody!

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