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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Ant2 codebase adoption process
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:15:03 GMT
> I believe this was discussed a *very* long time ago. I'm 
> pretty sure "Ant 2 won't work with all existing build files" 
> was on the website somewhere before I even started *using* Ant...

This has been here a since a short time after I started using ant and
joining this list :-) I think around October/November 2000... I had my
concerns way back when already :-). I think thing changed a bit since then,
because Ant has become something like the "standard for building huge java
applications" since then. IMHO I think it became one of the most successful
and most used Java tools/applications anyways... Hey: We all did well on Ant
1 :-)!

> <snip>
> If people have perfectly good working build files for Ant 1, 
> then they can keep them that way. I'd hope that Ant 1 will 
> still be available from the website. It's just that people 
> with Ant 1 builds and don't want to convert them to Ant 2 
> (which will hopefully be an easy process, if there's a tool 
> for it) will have to stick to using Ant 1 and not get the 
> benefits from Ant 2.
> I don't think that's a major problem, personally.

Oh, I think think it would be good for the general acceptance of Ant2, if -
at least - many of the buildfiles/tasks used in that buildfile will still
work with Ant2 without modifing the xmls.

Which reminds me of another good question: If we break compatibility: Do we
want to maintain Ant 1.x forever (or for ages at last)? I think we will have
Ant 1 and 2 in parallel for a long time if we do so... Just like Tomcat 3.x
and 4... or Probably Apache http 1.x and 2.x .... Lets see ;-)


P.S.: Sorry for all that smileys :-)

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